LeadGen Tool

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Increase the volume of your leads

The LeadGen Hub provides workflows that enables you to significantly increase your websites lead generation volume. Grow your leads list and pipeline for your sales team with high quality leads. You can remove the hassle of filling out forms by simplifying the way your customers engage with your website. Gain new leads faster and scale your business quicker with a guided workflow. This increases conversion rates on average by 400%.

The best forms don't look like forms

Eliminate the hurdle of intimidating and difficult forms with LeadGen Hub. We create a smooth customer experience by designing interactive interfaces with engaging elements. The best forms don’t feel like traditional forms at all and can still capture detailed data. Our forms are engaging and encourage customers to find the most suitable product/service based on smart recommendations.

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Guide your customers with the right questions

We provide amazing customer experiences with forms that are easy to fill out, removing the need to manually type up answers. LeadGen Hub forms allow you to ask your prospects the right questions and capture more information with conditional logic. You can create personal suggestions based on previous answers. Easily segment your prospects by asking the most relevant questions and enable them to develop the best purchasing decision.